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The operating system for your charging infrastrucure CHARGESPHERE BACKEND 

Manage your charging stations simply and easily and always keep an overview. ChargeSphere is the future-proof solution for your success in e-mobility. 

Features of ChargeSphere – powered by Kostad 

Manage your charging stations 
The dashboard gives you an overview of your entire charging infrastructure. From individual charging stations, to current charging processes and to your users‘ data. You can call up the status of each charging station in real time and efficiently plan and control maintenance and services. If there is a malfunction, a warning message is issued immediately.

The analysis & reporting feature gives you all the relevant information at a glance about the use of your charging stations. Each charging process of a connected charging station is comprehensively documented and in addition to charging time and duration, the actual consumption is recorded. This enables predictions about electricity demand, usage behavior and much more useful information.

Manage all your users who are authorized to charge at one of your stations. The user management is particularly suitable for public areas, company fleets and customer parking lots. In addition to the simple authorization via the browser, the RFID process also offers numerous advantages for authorization management and individual billing. The billing of the charges is adapted to your needs. ChargeSphere supports several pricing models and so you can bill based on time or electricity. You can also issue RFID cards & users with a prepaid function and offset charges against the credit.

ChargeSphere supports the communication standard OCPP (Open Chargepoint Protocol) for the exchange of information between the charging station and the backend. Version OCPP 1.6 is supported and an upgrade to OCPP 2.0 will possible in the near future. 

Our software makes managing countless charging stations simple and uncomplicated. 

Profit from the numerous benefits of ChargeSphere powered by Kostad 

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