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The solution for your charging stations 

The UNITY Mobile Charger is the latest development from Kostad. The most modern silicon carbide semiconductors are used in the patented and self-developed power electronics, nominated for the 2019 State Prize for Mobility. The Kostad Mobile Charger is characterized by its mobile, innovative and compact design and is designed for many years of operation thanks to its stainless steel housing. The safety and reliability have been checked and certified by TÜV Austria. 

 Equipped with a 7 “touchscreen, the charger simplifies handling and offers a simple and efficient charging experience. The Mobile Charger was configured for the use of an optimal backend solution to control and monitor the charging capacity. With our self developed software „ChargeSphere – powered by Kostad“ you can find all the important data for your charging infrastructure on a dashboard page. This enables simple monitoring to call up the current status of your charging stations and to efficiently control services, billing, malfunctions and maintenance. 

 The Mobile DC Charger charges with up to 30kW and can be equipped with all common connection cables (CCS, CHAdeMO, type 2). 

The Mobile Charger is ideal for:

  • Charging your electric vehicle in areas with poor public fast charging infrastructure 
  • Employees who want to charge their vehicle on the go (e.g. on construction sites) 
  • Professional workshops 
  • Private households who do not want to install a fixed charging station 

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