350KW Charging Power HPC

350KW Charging Power HPC

CHARGESPHERE powered by Kostad  
The solution for your charging stations 

The HPC is already the right choice at locations where direct current (DC) is to be used for charging at the same time. With the HPC, fast charging on a CCS (Combined Charging System) basis with up to 500 A is possible, which leads to a drastic reduction in charging time. Electric vehicles can charge their batteries to around 80 percent within a few minutes. 

High power charging is already suitable for next-generation electric vehicles. 

The features at a glance:

  • Quality „Made in Austria“ 
  • Up to 350kW charging power 
  • Reduction of charging times 
  • Modularly expandable 
  • Attractive for e-car sharing, petrol stations, electric trucks and electric buses.  
  • Installation indoors or in a protective container (incl. frontend) 
  • Liquid cooled charging cables (optional) 

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