CHARGESPHERE powered by Kostad  
The solution for your charging stations 

The Unity90 charging station charges electric vehicles with an output power of up to 90 kW. This makes the fast charging station perfect for use at motorway service stations, petrol stations, shopping centres, fleet operators and much more.

The output power increase is possible at any time with an additional extension package up to 120kW. The fast charging station supports the 3 charging standards widely used in Europe. Type2 (AC), CHAdeMO (DC) and CCS (DC).

The station communicates via the OCPP 1.6 JSON protocol, an upgrade to OCPP 2.0 is possible at any time. “ChargeSphere – powered by Kostad“ is the perfect addition to your fast charging solution for a web-based, efficient control and management system with which you have all your charging stations constantly in view.

The features at a glance:

  • Quality „Made in Austria“ 
  • Various combination options 
  • Up to 90kW charging power 
  • 1000 VDC 
  • Low maintenance and low wear 
  • Liquid cooled charging cables (optional) 
  • Innovative on-demand charging systems 
  • Dynamic load management 
  • Installation of an AC socket 22 kW optionally possible for all versions
  • OCPP 1.6 
  • Authentication via RFID card 
  • Operating temperature -30 C bis +50 C. 

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